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Take-Out This!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In a blink of an eye, the world changed because of COVID-19. Work, school and basically anything involving social interaction would be forced to shut down. Everyone urged to quarantine, sanitize like crazy and exercise social distancing. The economy would crumble and for business owners like myself, we would hate this virus more than words can describe. Our bread and butter deals with human interaction. As creatives, we're passionate to create stories for our audience, and normally that entails getting close with our subject or interviewee. We invade their personal space. That’s what makes the COVID-19 pandemic so very difficult, particularly for our industry, because it has deprived that exchange that relationship which inspires our work and stirs our beings. On the positive, we're forced out of our comfort zone to embrace change and be as creative as possible. So for now, we hold our breath and wait for the storm to pass and be grateful for what we have.

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