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YouTube Personality

Becoming a good on camera talent takes LOTS of practice, and will not happen overnight. Good On Camera Talents balance many elements at the same time, while they are speaking, without their audience even knowing. Your goal is be engaging to your audience --- while you display poise, style and confidence to take your video from amateur to awesome.

Here's some tips to become a better on camera personality.

Be concise. When filming your intro keep it short and to the point. Or if you want, cut away from the shot of you and use your speech as voice over, giving your audience something fresh to look at.

Speak up. Square your shoulders, take a breathe and speak up. Deliver your lines with clarity and confidence. Add your personality and "naural-ism" to your video. Remember, YOU have the ability to make your video awesome, so do it!

Add to your visual evidence. As a host your job is to not only interact with the camera and the subject of your video but to explain the context of the visual evidence you are presenting. As the host we expect you to be the authority on the subject of your video. We can’t be there so we rely on you to supplement the visual evidence with your commentary.

Look good. Frame yourself with an interesting background, but not distracting. If possible, your background should relate to the subject of your video. If you are shooting your host elements after the fact, resist the urge to film in your living room with your half folded laundry in the back ground. Also, make sure you have taken care of grooming 101. Need, I say more...

Light yourself well.

Your audience wants to see and hear you, without anything distracting being in the way. If you don't have lights, select a location that has great natural light. Too bright and you will be washed out, too dark and we loose you to shadows. Too dark / light screams “amateur” and is easily prevented, so double check your lighting. Part of looking good is sounding good. Be sensitive to wind, music and crowd noise, these cacophonous distractions can ruin your on-camera presence. If you can, use a mic (starting at $20, they are cheap). Know your video. Know what you're talking about and the story structure of your vid and where you need to add your two cents as a host. Be interesting. This is a tough one. You don’t have to be stunningly gorgeous or have a massive facial scar to be interesting. The key to being interesting is being interested. Even if you are interested, if you don’t present with poise, energy, and sincerity; your enthusiasm may not shine through. So bring your energy up two levels, slap a smile on your face and speak like you are compelled if not thrilled. Also, engage in interesting behaviors and gestures that takes you out of your comfort zone and lets the audience live vicariously through you. And, please, please hold your mic correctly if you're not wearing a ribbon microphone.


Youtube Personality. - Pick a theme to talk about for no more than 30 seconds. One topic. Be specific. Something you love. Something you’ll be passionate to talk about. It can be anything... food, dance, a toy review ... just teach us/or tell us (your audience) something. Maybe have a name for your audience.


1. Make sure you introduce yourself.

2. Thank your audience and/or guests

3. Include you're with StayClassyTV

4. Have a name ready for your channel.

5. Tell us your location

6. Beginner - Tell us three things you will show

Advanced - Include a beginning, middle and end to your story.

7. *Show us your personality!!!

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