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Question: What is a slate?

Answer: A "slate" is a technical part of the audition process in which you state your name, your age (if under 18 years old) and your agent (or that you’re self-represented).

Occasionally, you will be asked additional questions for you to answer. There's is no need to overthink it, as it’s just an administrative part of the audition, not the audition itself.

The Audition Room

You will usually be talked through what you need to do by the casting director or their assistant when you’re in the room. Make sure to act professional by putting your phone on silence, not fumbling with your purse and/or belongings, going to the bathroom before you enter and finally, don't chew gum when entering the room.

How to Slate

You will address the camera stating:

  • Your name

  • Your age (if under 18)

  • Your agent (if you don't have one just say “self-represented”)

  • A full length shot of your whole body

  • Sometimes they may ask you to answer other questions, for example, your location, height or availability for certain dates. Sometimes they make ask you to tell them about yourself.

How to Slate for a Commercial

You will address the camera stating:

  • Your name

  • Your age (if under 18)

  • Your agent, (or say “self-represented” if you don't have one)

  • Your hands, held up to the camera to show your fingers, Profile shots where you turn to each side so they can see what you look like from the side

  • A full length shot of your body

  • They’ll usually have additional questions that they may want you to answer e.g. have you have been featured in an advertisement for a competing product? What’s your date availability? Do you have any food allergies? Are you comfortable wearing a particular outfit? etc.

Tell Me About Yourself

Sometimes you will be asked for a bit of information about yourself. This is usually called an ‘about me’ and if you’re asked for it, keep it to a few short, concise sentences. Something interesting, funny, exciting is always best. The casting team just want to get an idea of what sort of person you are, but they don't need your life story. Make sure you smile and show your personality.

Remember, if they haven't asked for it, then you don't have to do it.

Shooting Self-Tape Slates

  • Make sure to shoot in landscape, as you would the rest of the self-tape.

  • Read all instructions carefully and thoroughly.

  • When you’re ready to film, you can usually record the slate as a separate clip and then film the full length body shot as a separate clip.

  • Make things easy on yourself and film the slate, full length and your audition separately then join them together if they have asked for you to do so. You can stitch video files together fairly easily on a smartphone with an editing application

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