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What does corporate America get wrong in the industry?

We can all agree the internet has become a game changer with how we do business. TV is outdated and now people absorb information instantaneously on their smartphones. When it comes to video, consumers are looking for digestible content that’s engaging, easy to understand and relevant to their interests. But just because you own a smartphone and can press the record button and create fancy “reels” or have a zillion followers (sometimes fake) on social media or do a mean dance on TikTok does not make you a credible professional producer.

Let’s get this straight. To become an exceptional producer and ‘storyteller’, it’s a serious career job, one that should be valued and compensated fairly. At StayClassyTV Academy, we prepare our students for a more fulfilling career in the industry. They develop their on-camera personality, learn how to talk about a topic and deliver a solid message. Especially since the pandemic hit, there is a huge need for creatives that can take a concept of a business and produce a polished story about it in less than a minute - with rich videography, graphics, clean editing and narration to rollout on social media platforms to sell a product/deliver a message direct to the consumer.

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