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Importance of Sound


When you watch something, what’s the most important thing you remember?


Visuals and Sound

You may think it's what you see, but also what you hear.

These two senses are crucial for film and television.

Movies have two ways into your brain.

Eyes and Ears.

When you’re editing or watching something, your eyes and ears are wildly connected. The visual side (what we see) gets the most recognition because it’s what we see and remember after a film, but in many ways the visual side is the face of the operation, while the audio is the puppet master and really holds the power.

Think visuals paints the picture, the audio is the paintbrush.

Audio (what we hear) provokes emotion.

*Start at 3:15 In Q for class*

Disclaimer graphic language

StayClassyTV Academy highly recommends this class!

Above is part of their lesson

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