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Business Obstacles and Challenges

StayClassyTV was honored to be interviewed by the prestigious, CanvasRebel / Voyage magazine.


Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?


When the pandemic hit, I had to reinvent. These were tumultuous times. Classrooms were shutting doors, and I took to Zoom to teach StayClassyTV Academy online.

My personal life also experienced big developments. We were expecting.

During the pandemic, since everyone was working from home, I was forced to modify my teaching style to fit on a small screen. The goal was the same; captivate students’ attention successfully to enjoy acting.

In addition, I had to market worldwide. This pushed me to expand my reach for enrollment. Many students from all walks of life signed up.

I’ve been told, “this student can’t read” or “they’re so shy, they're not going to be comfortable here.” But in my class, there’s a position for everyone.

I’ve had the pleasure to coach beginners who have accomplished performing network television shows, movies, musicals and even singing the national anthem in front of a large audience.

Presently, my classes are for Toddlers to Seniors, beginners to advanced. Family classes, corporate team building classes to production, editing and everything in between. Even students with intellectual disabilities enjoy StayClassyTV Academy.

Reflecting back, as cliche as it sounds, “if you love what you do; I mean truly love it at your core you will find a way to make it work.”

This is a business goal I have conquered, plus gained confidence to teach any type of student at any skill level on any platform. I truly believe the arts are absolutely for everyone!

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