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Video 101 Camera Shots

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Average Joe has the video basics down, so now he's ready to shoot.

Camera shots or "visuals," are the building blocks of video.

Shot selection has significant impact on the way a viewer interprets the action on screen. It’s important to choose the right shot to communicate your video effectively.

Camera Shots

1. Establishing Shot

2. (WS) Wide shots

3. (MS) Medium shots

Camera Angle Types

  • Over The Shoulder (OTS)

  • Point Of View (POV)

  • Low Angle Shot

  • High Angle Shot

  • Aerial Shot

  • Bird’s-Eye View or Top Shot

  • Dutch Tilt or Dutch Angle Shot

Other Common Camera Shot Types

  • Cutaway (CA)

  • Cut-in or Insert

  • Reaction Shot or Noddie

  • Master Shot (MS)


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