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StayClassyTV Story

StayClassyTV was honored to be interviewed by the prestigious, CanvasRebel / Voyage magazine.


Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. You can include as little or as much detail as you’d like.


Here’s the story behind my company, StayClassyTV.

I’m both a certified teacher and I’ve worked in media for many years. After working in television news, the flame of passion took hold, and I became committed to venture on my own to create my own brand.

I’ve worn a number of professional hats as an award-winning storyteller, producer, on-camera personality, & instructor/coach and wanted the freedom to tell compelling stories that enriched lives on my own terms.

Based on the legendary comedy, “Anchorman,” my brand was born.

StayClassyTV specializes in promoting brands to the public through digital content creation, powerful, marketing strategies, artificial intelligence, and public relations. My experience consists of showcasing brands on television, print & online: City of Chandler, Seventeen Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, 3TV, ABC-15, NBC-12, & Phoenix Fashion Week. I was even the fashion host/stylist each week on Sonoran Living and selected as 2018 Stylist of the Year.

Another passion of mine is education and helping others succeed.

In college, I studied both broadcasting and teaching. My life plan was to eventually combine both loves.

With StayClassyTV already a formed entity, it was a no brainer to add another branch to the business, hence StayClassyTV Academy.

StayClassyTV Academy is the teaching side of my business. We’ll venture into that later. 

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