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Audition Tips for Parents

You may not be aware but Founder, Lisa Acquafredda has two websites. She has her Biz Portfolio which is StayClassyTV and she is also a Certified Teacher & Creator of StayClassyTV Classes. StayClassyTV Classes is a school teaching hosting, acting, improv, storytelling skills and more for kids and adults.

It is very common for Mrs. Lisa's parents to ask about 'Audition Tips for Parents'

Hopefully these audition tips will help parents help their kids.  1. Kids Need to be Kids Casting Directors are looking for real and authentic kids, not a 7 year old acting like a 17 year old so, let them be their authentic cute self. 2. Memorize lines from the heart I know – you want them memorized but imagining and feeling the story makes it believable and real. 3. Let them enjoy the experience. The entertainment business is ruthless and tough. Majority of the time, your kiddo will not "book" so don't obsess over it. Let them enjoy the craft because their are so many factors that go into the final decision. 4. Encourage imagination. Knowing lines are one thing but feeling the story from the heart and imagining the environment and character are essential. Talk to your child about the character they created and help them understand the creative magic process. 5. Personality makes a statement Many times CD's end up loving a child for their personality first and performance second. Let your kid be a kid. This happens if your child is natural, having fun and enjoying the process and not feeling judged. 7. Acting workshops are crucial. The best and most famous actors take workshops. They continue to grow at their craft and feel the need to create as often as possible. Your child needs to do the same. It's important they are around many other kid actors and take many classes.

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