StayClassyTV Workshops!

Calling all YouTubers! StayClassyTV is a prestigious lifestyle academy for kids, teens & adults ages 6 -16+. StayClassyTV classes consist of course curriculum that covers on-camera techniques, content creation & business skills. The goal is for students to learn new methods to develop public speaking, storytelling, self-confidence as they learn to engage their audience & gain an appreciation for media all while having FUN!  










Our team of industry professionals and talented instructor(s) will teach your child how to develop, define and refine their on-camera personality in a relaxed and supportive environment!



On Camera Personality

  • Social Media/ YouTubers

  • Hosting

  • Anchoring/Reporting

  • Voice Over

  • Improvisation

  • Acting

Styles of Content

  • Newscasts, Sportscasts

  • Red Carpet/Live Events

  • Teleprompter

  • How-To Videos

  • School  & Corporate Projects

Content Creation

  • Brand Development

  • Video Production

  • Broadcast Scripting

  • Resume  Coaching

  • Reel critiques

  • Breaking into the Biz

Storytelling Skills

  • Develop On Camera Personality

  • Practice Public Speaking

  • Auditioning Techniques

  • Improve Self Confidence

  • Engaging Your Audience

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